This is something of a catch-all site. I use it mainly as a staging site for projects and site configuration schemes.  You are likely to find most anything here. If you are interested in my photography I recommend you visit my other websites: Tulsapanoamic.com and PhotographingTulsa.com.

The site also demonstratives the functionality of the zifimage module - a sandbox project I started at Drupal.org to replace the ancient zoomify module which apparently has been abandoned by its creators/maintainers.

Zoomify Performance

I've been looking at the performance of the zif image module with respect to files pushing the limits of the TIF file format. Yep 3-4 gigabytes. In Zoomify terms around 160 levels. To do this I took some data from the Hubble space Telescope as composited and provided by NASA and first squared it then scaled it up by around 2x to about 40,000 x 40,000 pixels. I also created a set of data at 45,000 x 45,000 pixels but these wont load up. Not on the web and not locally either.


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