My initial goal was to prevent directory overload since there are potentially thousands of files in a tile structure. This problem is eliminated by the use of the ZIF format.

I tried to get the original authors of the module to support the new format but wa unble to make any usable contact. Itried for a year. That is whyI think the projec t is abandoned.

After a bit of study I found that the free version of the Zoomify viewer does not support the ZIF format. So the existing project appears to only support the free version.

I then decided to develope for Pro version and to include support for more than just the display of a single image. It took about a year for me to fight through the Drupal 7 Learning curve. When I finished I had a system which worked It supported most of the  modes of Zoomify Software operation as welll as all 4 versions of the software.. This code has been uploaded as a sand box version to athe Drupal..org website.


I must caution that it is a  sandbox project and very much a rough first draft. it does work. It lacks some security  as the Zoomify code is controled by xml type files which must be uploaded and which can introduce errors and mybe expose the site to other forms of attack. 

With much increased power comes complexity. The module is somewhat complex to install. It requires revisions to another module which apparently has been abandoned by it's author. He's avoided all contact for over a year as unbelievable as it sounds.  You only have to change 1 character to fix the problem.  If anyone is interested in using the program I will gladly offer my assistancde just contact me through the contact form on this website or through the Drupal.org websit.