ZIF image performance

The base imaagery for this test is by NASA.  The PNG file is 895 meg in size and if I am viewing it correctly it is better in pervormance than the jpg version but still shows a noiticible lag when zooming in and out. I'm not sure just what the problem is with the upload system. I have had some security  failures with the anvanced upload method.  I think it is related to moving the large files around to the file final directory. There seems to be an inordinate delay in finalizing the upload. I can make multiple file uploads with no problems as long as the file are in the 20 meg range.. I thin g I will need to test the file attach method.  

I am not so sure that file fields pathh mopdule is working propperly with these large files either. 


I have alos determined that my directory cleanup routines are not working propperly. They are leaving empty directories in the files section. Not good.