Replacement Module for Zoomify Access


There are three reasons.

  1. The maintainers have abandoned the project
  2. The existing module doe not support the advanced Features of the Zoom ifymodule
  3. The ecisting module promotes violation of the underlying Zoomify licens.

So I have decided to take it upon myself to produce a module which will allow for the use of Slide Shows, Image Comparilons, Virtual Tours Images with Hotspots and Audio files.

The basic problem with the Zoomify module is lack of documentation. Not that it is completly unavailiable just disorganized. The give yo9u 70 or so examples of how the viewer can be used in a static web environment. Unfortunalely you are lef to reverse engineer the viewrs operation requirements from the examples and maybe from reading the SOURCE java script -- which they kindly supply. There are a few other list and things but there is no overall organization. They dont seem interested if fixing this any timesoon. It makes working with the code difficult to say the least.