About Me

I am a retired engineer who has spent most of his career in the Oil and Gas Industry. Now that I am retired I plan on spending the rest of my active life making art.  Well I call it art.  I have been an avid photogra[her from my youth - with an interest in night and panoramic photography.

I have a small sole Proprietorship whih I use for sales mainly wholesale. I gave up retail sales the OTC websiet didn't work and they would not fix it.   If you like an image on the site feel free to contact me and I can get you an appropriatly sized print for a reasonabl cost. You shoould know that the images on the site are scaled down for the web and will not print well. So dont bother stealing them. It's a waste of time and efort.

So enjoy the pictures or any other rants I may post (this is my rant site). Don't spam my site or violate my copyright and all will be well .