Zoomify Performance

I've been looking at the performance of the zif image module with respect to files pushing the limits of the TIF file format. Yep 3-4 gigabytes. In Zoomify terms around 160 levels. To do this I took some data from the Hubble space Telescope as composited and provided by NASA and first squared it then scaled it up by around 2x to about 40,000 x 40,000 pixels. I also created a set of data at 45,000 x 45,000 pixels but these wont load up. Not on the web and not locally either.


The zifimage sandbox project has been slowly progressing.  I have completed the last of the needed modifications to support V5 of the Zoomoify viewer. I am currently bringing the code into compliance with coder and the code review modules.  These things are buggy in themselves.

Replacement Module for Zoomify Access


There are three reasons.

  1. The maintainers have abandoned the project
  2. The existing module doe not support the advanced Features of the Zoom ifymodule
  3. The ecisting module promotes violation of the underlying Zoomify licens.

So I have decided to take it upon myself to produce a module which will allow for the use of Slide Shows, Image Comparilons, Virtual Tours Images with Hotspots and Audio files.

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