This example serves as a workaround for customers needing to include more than one Zoomify Image Viewer instance in a single web page. It is only a workaround, and will be replaced with native support as quickly as possible. A brief explanation for the need for this temporary workaround follows:

The HTML5-based Zoomify Image Viewer has many advantages over the Flash-based Viewer in prior versions of Zoomify products. It can be embedded with fewer lines in the web page. It can be addressed directly in JavaScript to create custom buttons and effects. And it works on mobile devices where Flash does not. I has, however, a limitation: multiple instances in a web page are not yet natively supported.

Development efforts on the HTML5-based Viewer was initially focused on achieving a high-quality display with strong performance. Subsequent development delivered key features that were demanded by many customers and which were essential to validate the underlying architecture of the Viewer. In order to pursue this important work prevented modifications to support multiple instances in one page.

With the release of Version 4, development can now be refocused to consider the changes required to support including many Zoomify Image Viewer displays in one page. We are confident we will be able to delivery this feature soon - initially as a test case to customers who express a definite need for this functionality. Notify if you fit this description. Thank you for your patience and support.